ARE – Inaugural Annual Award for Food Excellence, 2016

ARE Annual Award for “Food Excellence” 

March 2016


The ARE Award for “Food Excellence” is to be an annual event. All staff employed by ARE will be eligible to compete for the title of “Food Master of the Year”.

There will be only one advertised first place prize for this event and it will include a culinary tour to an overseas destination. This destination will have two elements of relevance:

  • Some connection to the dish delivered, and 
  • A connection to what is trending in either passenger terms or food terms on Australian airports at the time

The only employees ineligible to enter will be management. Accordingly bussing staff through to supervisory people can get involved.

The format will not only judge complexity and culinary skills but will also be judged on market acceptance, cost efficiency and the ability to incorporate into one of our ARE Menus.

In short: a well-executed and tasty sandwich could easily rival a complex and skilfully prepared main course.


The purpose is to acknowledge and reward creative staff and give them an opportunity of being recognized for going above and beyond their normal duties.

By involving staff members on a national level, we also anticipate flow on benefits in:

  • Product development through new and innovative ideas by participants
  • Create a better understanding of cost control within the ARE Kitchen Team  (one of the criteria will be to submit a cost effective dish with a high selling potential) 
  • Increase culinary Skills within the ARE Kitchen Team


Each employee, casual or permanent, has the opportunity to enter the competition which will be conducted in a 3 step format:



It will be crucial for employees to advise their Site Management of their intent to enter the competition. The importance of this cannot be understated – some people will have great ideas but no real skill base to deliver a finished product. Through the site management the staff will be able to draw on the skills of a much broader culinary base in our business. 

Download the Food Excellence Award 2016 Registration form.


Submitting a Signature Dish 

  • Full description of the dish
  • A costing sheet on a provided costing form against a recommended selling price
  • A recommendation where and how this dish could be implemented 
Each quarter there will be site based finals, naturally the number of people in this will fluctuate and we are looking for feedback throughout the competition on the number of people participating. Everyone can submit their options in the site based final for comment and critiquing. Please note if a dish is unsuccessful one quarter it may be resubmitted in the next quarter finals. The site based quarterly finals will be assessed by site management, Frank Burger (ARE Corporate Chef) and where possible an ARE Executive(s). Quarterly finals will typically take place in January, April, July and October (first year will only see three quarters due to the start timing).



In late November all sites will have a final to identify a site winner; this will be followed by a national final in early December. Participants will present their dish to a panel of Judges that will include either Peter Butts (Chairman, ARE) or John Chapman (CEO, ARE), Frank Burger (Corporate Chef, ARE) and a yet to be determined independent assessor.

Judging will be based on the following:

    • Speed and ease of preparation
    • Presentation
    • Flavour
    • Potential market acceptance
    • Cost effectiveness.

Register before the 1st April 2016 to be considered for the first round of submissions. 

Please see your site manager or direct any questions to Frank Burger at:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel 0410404817

Good luck and happy cooking

Frank Burger, ARE – Corporate Chef


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