VIPS attend Launch Extravaganza at Mach2


Many Media and Airport VIPs attended a lavish launch party for Mach2 at the Sydney International Airport recently, and as expected, Mach2 lived up to the Machiavelli name. Guests were treated to fabulous food and drink and watched on as Peter Fitzsimons unveiled his portrait; one of many black and white photos that adorn the walls. Guests included Kerrie Mather – Chief Executive of Sydney Airport, Caterina Tarchi of Machiavelli and the owners of Airport Retail Enterprises, Peter and Helen Butts.



John Chapman, 
CEO of Airport Retail Enterprises and 
Peter Fitzsimons AM




Peter Fitzsimons AM, 
Caterina Tarchi of Machiavelli and 
Peter Butts, Chairman of Airport Retail Enterprises.

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