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ARE are proud of the partnerships we have with reknowned Australian Chef’s. We work with them to bring their vision for unique dining experiences to Australian airports, extending their brand reach and ensuring airport travellers get real dining choices while on the move.

Born in Spain and raised in Australia, Frank Camorra’s calling is to bring the best of both countries together in his MoVida restaurants. His food highlights and celebrates the best of Spanish produce, technique and tradition through the lens of modern Australian food culture, highlighting the amazing produce available locally with a Spanish sensibility.

Frank and his team kick-started the trend for shared plates in Melbourne and are still setting benchmarks at Original, Aqui, Next Door, and Bar Tini. Each venue is unique, but they share a philosophy of celebrating Spanish produce, food, and culture through Australian produce, food, and culture, respecting both, constrained by neither.

In 2007 Frank published his first book, MoVida, Spanish Culinary Adventures, which was awarded Best Cookery Book by a Chef at the Asutralian Fod Media Awards. In 2009 MoVida was awarded Two Chef’s Hats and Frank received Chef of the Year.