Airport Retail Gate HR

Download and complete the Tax File Number Declaration Form

Please use the following instructions to download the Tax File Number pdf, add your details to the document and save it so that it can be uploaded when completing new Employee Details Form.

  1. Right click on the next icon and select the Save Link as... option to download the Tax File Number pdf form to your local computer
     Tax File Number Declaration PDF Form.
  2. Save the PDF to your local PC:
  3. Go to your PC and open the file in a PDF reader or PDF editor. In the image below I'm opening it using Adobe Reader.
    DO NOT open the pdf in a web browser (eg. Chrome, Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge) as it does not save your editing updates.
  4. Add your details to the form as you can edit selected fields on the form.
  5. Save the form with your name at the end onto your computer.
  6. Close your adobe reader file and then re-open it again and check that your information has been saved.
  7. Now your Tax File PDF form is ready to be uploaded when completing the new Employee Details form.