Middle Ground arrives at Melbourne Airport

December 2019

Middle Ground is now open at Melbourne Airport, a collaboration between chef Shane Delia and Airport Retail Enterprises it has been developed exclusively for the busy, health-conscious traveller.  Middle Ground is all about flavour, serving Middle Eastern inspired fresh and healthy foods prepared with love and attention to detail.

Shane is renowned for his love of food and use of the magical Middle Eastern flavours and these are put together in a fantastic fresh, healthy offering with a big emphasis on vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Middle Ground will serve exciting and textural salad bowls that are packed with flavours and goodness, all prepared to order or pre-packaged as a “grab and go” option for those rushing to a flight.  Other highlights will include, exotic fresh and toasted sandwich combinations, flavour packed warm lunch and breakfast bowls, Middle Eastern savoury pastries, sweets, smoothies, and of course our unbelievable hummus.  As a complement to this fantastic offer we also serve St ALi coffee.

Come and visit us at Middle Ground next time you’re in Melbourne.


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