Fat Yak Bar arrives at Sydney Terminal 2

January 2019 


  • ARE’s brand new bar, now open at Sydney’s Terminal 2
  • A partnership with Australia’s most recognised craft beer brand
  • Tapping into Australia’s growing passion for microbrewing


Opening in January this year, we envisage The Fat Yak to quickly become the newest and coolest place to meet, eat and drink down at the Jetstar end of Terminal 2. The idea for a dedicated craft beer bar was inspired by Australia’s growing microbrewery scene; a new craft beer brand enters the market every week across the country, and consumers are lapping up the lovingly crafted brews.

Fat Yak beers are cheeky, friendly and relaxed. Its creators passionately and painstakingly produce their delicious Original Pale Ale, Australian Pale Ale and Pacific Ale, but they make sure they have fun while they’re doing it, believing that when you do what you love and have fun as you go, you will do a great job. This philosophy has worked, with Fat Yak winning multiple crafting awards, and becoming Australia’s most recognised craft beer brand.


ARE brings this fun and energy to the airport; The Fat Yak focuses on local, premium boutique beers matched with a tasty bar menu of freshly made pizza and skewers and other great finger food, perfect for a quick snack.  For the traditionalists, it also offers a range of local and international beers and wines.


The Fat Yak Bar is open at Sydney Terminal 2


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