Sushi Saikou opens at Gold Coast Airport

December 2018 

ARE is pleased to announce the opening of our first dedicated sushi outlet, Sushi Saikou in December.  When sushi first appeared in Australia in the 80s it was a quirky, unfamiliar food that evoked a nervous excitement in its diners.  Now there’s a sushi outlet in every Australian food court; it’s a staple for customers after a quick and healthy snack or meal that tastes great, and we believe it’s an essential part of any airport’s Food & Beverage offering.  After trialling a pop up sushi outlet in the space which proved to be very popular we have now built a permanent Sushi Saikou in Gold Coast Airport.

Sushi fans are increasingly discerning, and so Sushi Saikou has the highest standards for ingredients, preparation and food safety and has fully a qualified, certified Sushi Chef preparing fresh sushi every day.

Sushi has maintained a slightly quirky feel – you still feel the excitement of endless possibility as rows and rows of neatly prepared, intriguing and colourful plates are displayed.  Our fit out for Sushi Saikou plays with this excitement and sense of fun with its splashes of red, modern lighting and edgy atmosphere.  We look forward to drawing on our past experience with sushi outlets, to bring this entirely new and enjoyable concept to Gold Coast Airport.

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