St ALi arrives at Melbourne Airport

April 2019 

Airport Retail Enterprises is very pleased to announce the opening of one of Melbourne’s favourite coffee brands at the Melbourne International Airport.

St ALi has been at the forefront of specialty coffee since 2005. Their passion and commitment to bringing specialty coffee to the masses was ground-breaking and they have been credited with being a contributor to the third wave of coffee movement in Melbourne.

Its proponents speak of single-origin coffee (grown in a single geographic region), single-estate coffee (harvested on a single farm) and even micro-lot coffees (sourced from a specific part of a farm). St ALi was one of the first in Melbourne to focus on ethically sourcing its coffee beans and making the best coffee that they could.

St ALi’s popularity in Melbourne is still going strong and it is a local institution for coffee lovers. This dedication and passion to their craft is something that ARE identifies with, being innovators in airport retailing over the last 45 years and constantly bringing concepts to the airport that are at the forefront of the industry. ARE believes that in conjunction with St. ALi there is an opportunity to take coffee to a new level at Melbourne Airport. The café has a retail section where customers can buy coffee beans to take home and also some great St ALi apparel.


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